Mens Breakfast Club

Chairperson: Giulio Varsi

LCOS Men's Breakfast Group

The group typically gathers for breakfast on the first Saturday of every month at 8:30 AM at the Greenvale Townhouse Restaurant, 49 Glen Cove Road, Greenvale, NY.  The Group's goal is to foster relationships and promote activities among the men affiliated with the congregation and to provide an avenue for the men to serve individuals among congregation who require assistance. Topics will be set by the members of the group on a monthly basis. 

We welcome all men to come and join us at the LCOS Men's Breakfast Group, even if you have not affiliate with the congregation.  You are free to just show up and join us for breakfast.  All food and beverage is a la carte and is charged individually. Please check with Giulio prior to showing up if you are unsure if there is a scheduled breakfast.

Men's Breakfast Group - Activities

As part of the Men's Breakfast Group mission, we seek to be of or offer assistance to the members and friends of the congregation across a variety of needs they may have. In cases where we are unable to provide direct assistance, we may provide a reference to someone who can provide the specfic assistance.  We encourage all members and friends to avail themselves of the Men's Breakfast Group as they see fit.

All questions and requests for assistance can be be addressed to the Men's Breakfast Group  via E-mail at the Men's Breakfast Group Ministry E-Mail. 

Giulio Varsi


  August 2022  
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